Paystation test site

To see what the Paystation-hosted transaction process looks like, use the card numbers below on our test site:

Testing based on cent value

Card number: 5123456789012346
Expiry date: 0517 (MMYY)
CSC/CVV: 100

Card number: 4987654321098769
Expiry date: 0517 (MMYY)
CSC/CVV: 100

Testing based on card number

Visa  approved
Card number: 5555555555554444
Expiry date: 0517 (MMYY)
CSC/CVV: 100

Mastercard  insufficient funds
Card number: 5105105105105100
Expiry date: 0517 (MMYY) (or a future date)
CSC/CVV: 100

These credit card numbers will only work on this test site and must not be used to make real transactions.

Please note this demo does not use the POST response or quick lookup features after the payment is finished.  This particular example also saves the card for future transactions using our FuturePay tokenisation system. An example of an auto-generated token is given once the transaction has finished.

Please enter the amount you wish to pay in the space provided below.

Use the following cent values to get the corresponding response from the bank emulator.
.00 - Transaction Successful
.51 - Insufficient Funds
.54 - Expired Card
.57 - Transaction Type Not Supported
.75 - Bank Declined Transaction
.91 - Error Communicating with Bank

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