Manual card transactions

A manual card transaction (sometimes referred to as 'Card Not Present' or MOTO) means that you process the transaction instead of your customer (the card holder). Taking payments over the phone is easy. Using the MOTO or 'Token Payments' pages in our admin portal, you simply enter the required card details and click 'Pay Now'. There are options to add a transaction reference, send a transaction notification, authorise a card prior to full payment and more.

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PayMe is our email invoicing product that allows you to create a payment link that you send to your customers. It's a fantastic click-to-pay solution that takes away the hassle of holding onto card holder data. PayMe allows you to customise and create a payment order that can be copied into an email. Your customer simply clicks on the payment link, enters the information requested in the PayMe form, then clicks through to our hosted payment page to enter their credit card details.

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Batch processing

Use Paystation's batch payments solution to upload multiple credit and debit card transactions directly to our admin portal. Simply create a spreadsheet with payment details in each line, in the format specified by Paystation. Upload standard or token batch files, or use our chain batch system to upload a file from multiple accounts.

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